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Let's face it, it's impossible to make a sale without a buyer, and in the current market, identifying truly interested buyers goes a long way to determining your success. TaggLine identifies prospective buyers for you and we immediately notify you of their interest. TaggLine makes the call more interesting for the prospective buyer as well, offering listing information in a format that they choose, whether it is a recorded message, text message, picture messages, mortgage payment calculator, or connecting directly to you. Most importantly, it is very easy for both you, the agent, and your prospective buyer to use.

Whether you are listing single family homes, townhomes, condos, commercial property, or rental property, TaggLine can deliver quality leads from yard signs and leverage print or Internet advertising. You'll know what types of advertising truly work and who is looking at your listings!

What is TaggLine?
TaggLine is a lead capture system that combines the widely-used recorded property information with the latest in wireless messaging products. It is the only system available that offers a voice recording, text message, and picture messages of a listing from a single call.

TaggLine captures the caller's phone number and passes all additional information on the caller, which can include name, address and property record of the caller's current property onto the agent immediately via text message, email, and our agent portal. TaggLine charges one low monthly fee including ALL minutes and ALL messaging charges, and is less expensive than most 800 numbers that only offer recorded property information.

Why TaggLine?
The yard sign is still a powerful marketing tool in the real estate business, and is second only to the Internet in the way buyers first find their new home. In fact, 1 in 6 home buyers find the home they end up purchasing after seeing a yard sign.

Call capture systems providing recorded information on listings have been around for decades, and although they have proven their value to agents, there has been little innovation in the industry prior to the introduction of TaggLine. Firms that do text and picture messaging are popping up all over to take advantage of the growth in wireless messaging, but they require a lot of input from the prospective buyer to retrieve information. Are you more comfortable dialing a phone number and entering a property ID or creating a text message, entering an alphanumeric identifier in the message body, and sending it off to a shortcode? Don't feel badly, most people aren't. Our patent-pending, "one-touch" technology makes receiving text and picture messages as easy as dialing a phone, anyone can use it!

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